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Time-Honored Principles – Cutting Edge Technology

HydroLogic International, Inc., is a Native American woman-owned organization comprised of a team of internationally recognized, multi-disciplinary professionals who provide water resources services to governments, associations, and businesses worldwide. HLI was founded in 1996 as a logical extension of the research collaboration carried on for more than a decade by a diverse group of university and industry scientists with educational and experience backgrounds in hydrogeology, hydrology, hydraulics, oceanography and economics. The association developed naturally from the collaborators’ recognition that rational solutions to the complex scientific and sensitive environmental water resources problems of the new millennium were beyond the capabilities of a single scientific discipline and would require a cross-disciplinary approach.

Defining a problem precisely is a necessary and important first step toward solving any problem. The complexity of water resources issues, however, often makes it difficult to separate problems from their symptoms. The experienced and talented HLI team possesses the background necessary to make those important distinctions and to bring complex projects, from large-scale field investigations to the development of state-of-the-art predictive models, to successful conclusions.

Our mission – to provide scientifically sound, environmentally responsible, ethically consistent, and cost-effective solutions to a spectrum of surface and sub-surface water resources challenges.